Mining Coins

So I have been looking into this BitCoin/LiteCoin stuff.? I should be an expert in no time.

Boy is there a lot to know about this stuff.? How to mine, which software to mine, should I join a pool or do solo mining or even start my own mining pool with servers and such or just buy and sell coins on the coin markets.

In these times this looks like a promising way to earn some extra money.? Abet it takes money to make money.? I have found out that there are several ways to make coins out there on the internet.

There are coin faucets that give you coins for looking at ads or clicking on links.? This is truly a drop in the bucket for making any money.? The amount that you get is around 0.0001 cents.? I have also found that solo mining with a cpu gets you even less per day.

Reading about how some people have been making money you see that they have invested or re-invested the money earned from mining into more mining equipment and also seem to be pooled with others to try to find that elusive ‘block’ that pays.

If you don’t know where to start mining I suggest that you can join my mining pool at: I have decided that they have the best payout for mining blocks from my testing of several pools.? They are not too big or too small and do not charge any fees.? They do have there good points and bad points but overall I think they are one of the better pools out there.? They have been up and running for several years and look like they will be around for sometime to come.

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