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My name is Ricky and I am in a desperate situation. I am in my 50’s and a computer programmer.
I have been doing websites and other computer work to help with keeping a roof over my head. At my age it is increasingly harder to find a full-time job.? I am told that I am too old even though I have been in the computer field before the internet existed.

I worked at power supply company for 18 years to get laid off when they merged in 1999 with another power company and did not need my abilities anymore.? So I started my own little computer repair and website company to attempt to keep money coming in.? That did work for a while in the beginning until the stock market crash and all the other stuff that has happened.

I lost my home to foreclosure 5 years ago and have been being helped by different family members and friends to keep a roof over my head and keep my couple of pets with me.

The friend that has let me stay with them is about to lose the building that I have been staying at as a caretaker.

I am going through all of the stuff that I have been able to keep since losing my house, but now I must sell what I can to hopefully accumulate enough money to move again and keep my pets.? If I can’t find a new place that will accept my pets, they will have to be put down.? They are too old for any shelters, I have called many, they are all full and struggling as bad as I think most of us are.? Puppies and kittens they might take.? Older cats, no, they all have way too many now.

Because I have been only able to find odd jobs and some website work, I have not built up enough of a month income to survive.? I am not giving up, and I do not want to as for government money.? I just need to save up enough to be able to move.

For me and my pets we are down to the wire.? We have till July 31 to vacate the building.

I am not the begging type actually just the opposite.? That is probable why I am in this situation.?My website work is slowly increasing, but a lot of the time those are one time updates and such not recurring monthly events.? So predicting my minimum monthly income is very difficult.

But I have survived till this point.

If you can spare a dollar or more you can use PayPal to send me the dollar at: plzhelp@rawz.com

I will post updates to let anyone who might care how I am doing.? I hope to pull through with my pets (family as I call them.)

I hope we ALL can get through this nightmare that we are living.

Remember the movie ‘Pass It Forward‘ this is truly the times when this could help a lot of people.








I am thinking about starting a mining company

I have been toying with the idea of starting a coin mining site that would support multiple coin types, pool mining, partner investing and trading of coins.

I have been doing a lot of research as of late to see what is involved in starting this venture and I have been working on several ideas on how I can grow this idea into a profitable business. There are several ways that this can be done. Each has its own pros and cons but all have the ability to make different levels of money with different levels of risk.

I could go on and on about all the details of mining and such but I think it would just bore most people.? I think the best course of action is to setup several different ‘plans’ that people can invest in with different levels of ROI each with its own risks.? Then someone can choose which plan they want to join and start to reap the potential benefits that it can supply.

I will post more about these plans as I mold this idea into a functioning website and will describe it here in coming posts so check back often to see how I am progressing and maybe you will decide to join me on this quest to make some money mining for these virtual coins that actually do exists.

BitCoins, LiteCoins etc…

So, I have been spending a many nights read all about BitCoins and LiteCoins and other crypt-currency lately.

I am thinking of starting a crypt-currency group where anyone can join with a small monitory stake.images5

Mining for these coins is no longer something that anyone can do alone and make it profitable.? All mining is being done in various size groups.? The larger the group the faster you get a payment but the total is lower that mining in a small group.? Mining is a small group may bring in a better profit will take much longer.

Also there are many ways to deal with these coins, mining as individual, mining in a pool or group, combined mining in pools or buying and selling the coins on the many exchanges.

I have been taking the time to read and learn all I can about this coin stuff and there is a LOT to learn.

From talking in different forums with people dealing with this new frontier, I find that the best possible advise is to not go it alone. Join a pool or two read on one or more mining forums daily, check on the current hash rates, values and hardware requirements needed to make this a win-win possibility.

In the next couple of days I should a have a new website setup to address this new opportunity to make some money.? When I have the website ready I will be posting about it and the URL to where it can be found.? Until then I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season!


In the order in which they came

First came thisSSPX0156-small on a building near where I am,? this graffiti showed up just before winter and the owner of the building has yet to paint it over.

I have witnessed several people stop and take a picture of this over the months.? Sometime they even stand in front of it and have someone else snap the shot.



Then a couple of months ago came this little SSPX0157-smallon the same wall a few feet away from the first one.? It is so small I don’t think people even notice it.





Now yesterday night came a new one, this.? I am note sure what to make of this.? Gang signs perhaps. They even left the can of spray paint, I assume so others can add to their work…SSPX0158-small


Looking for a mobile home

I am starting to look around for a small mobile home, and if I can come up with money to purchase one.? There was a person near where I am at now that was living in a smaller mobile home, size of a large van.? He seems happy with his surrounding.? He told me that when he had got enough money he was going to go south, he did finally leave a few weeks ago.

I wish him well on his journey, he was able to keep a roof over his head, survive the winter living in that van home and now able to go south to start at a new beginning.

hind sight is 20-20

When someone says ‘hind site is 20/20’ believe them.? There are some many things I should have done differently if I knew where my current path has led me.

Maybe if I had did this instead of that I would be in a better place, under less stress, and maybe a little happier.

My One hour of the day

One hour everyday I take the time to goto PCH.com (Publishers Clearing House) to see if I can win a gift card or two, Then off to GSN.com for the same thing.

I have won a $50 dollar Walmart gift card so far.? Not much but at least I can purchase most of what I need at Walmart.

Amazon cards are also good, I have not won one yet but I will try everyday.? Maybe my luck will turn around.

I have never been a real lucky person, I find small change on the ground, pick up all the can I can find and take them to recycling for some pocket change.? It amazes me how many people will just throw their cans in the trash or just on the ground.

Craigslist Does Work Sometimes

Well I have listed some of the stuff I want to get rid of on Craigslist.? So far some of it has sold, got some calls on other things that are listed.

I have had good luck with Craigslist so far.? There have been some bogus emails and some call, talk, want but don’t show up to get the item.

Other the haggling can drag you down.? I know that for a great number of people we are are in the same boat, time for a lot of us baby-boomers are very hard.

Doing all I can to keep the roof over me and my pets heads is getting increasingly difficult.

I am starting to get the feeling that I will lose the current place that I am staying at in the next few weeks.? The owner has not been able to get enough money to pay the back taxes and the building will be soon sold on a Sheriff sale.

Not sure how long after that I will have to get out of the building.? We are scrambling trying the best we can to come up with what we need but there have been more low points than high points so far and time is running out.