Time to get rid of the past

Put a bunch of ads on Craigslist to get rid of all the stuff I have keep, but no longer see a need to have.? They no longer serve a purpose in my life and I really need the money if I have to find a new place to stay.

A friend suggested that I should apply for welfare.? I am trying to avoid that if at all possible.? I know I paid ALOT into the system when I worked at the power company.? But I believe there are people out there in a lot worse shape that me at this point and they could use it.

I also do not want to stand on a corner and ask for money.? I am still healthy enough to work I rarely even get a cold,? finding a job is the hard part. Currently I am not able to drive until I pay a couple past tickets for driving without insurance.? Had to decide which was more important, food or insurance, hard choice, probably bad choice to skip the insurance because now I can’t drive to a job, I can ride a bike,bus or walk, but not found a job yet.? I do like doing the website programming but the companies I have talked to gave me the same story, young is the thing. So I have to find the odd jobs for now until something comes along.

Fathers day – a day late

My father died on January 1, 2007.

I do not have a good day on fathers day.? My mother is in a nursing home and the rest of the family takes care of her. I don’t go to see her. She has Alzheimer and does not remember any of her children.? I want to keep the last memory of my mother when she still knew who I am to her.

Dad worked very hard his entire life, had built the house we lived in, built 2 different cabins.

In his will he wanted his CHILDREN to get the cabin, but the lawyers that drew up his will mis-led him about the laws here and the cabin went to mom.? The house and cabin are being sold to paid for her care.

I don’t hold a grudge, she needs the money to stay where she is.? The care is ok I hear from my sister, could be better, but it is the best they can afford for her.

Dad started feeling something was around in earlier December 2006.? He had came and talked with me about it and said he was tired and was ready for what fate he had coming.? He got real sick just before Christmas and stayed home because he could not get out of bed.? He was taken to the hospital two days later and diagnosed with cancer.? He died 3 days later, January 1, 2007 at 5:03pm.? A time and day I will not forget.

I was not told of most of this until the night before he died, I went to the hospital and stayed with him through the night, the rest of the family were there earlier in the day, but left when the nurse said to go.? He was in hospice for 2 days before my mother called to tell me where was dad after I had left a message looking for him.? Nice family, huh?

We did have a good talk, he still had all his beautiful mind still in focus until around 5am in the morning.? The rest of the family showed up as the day progressed.

So if you father is still alive, give a call, talk with him before it is too late.

Happy fathers day to all you fathers out there.

I choose to not get married or have any children of mine own other than the many animals that I have had through my life, they have been my children.? It is hard to out live them, but I would rather have them go before me.

Started an email campaign to try to find good samaritans

Started and slow email campaign to see if there is anyone out there that what to help me out.? I am not trying to spam anyone.? There is an opt-out option in the email.

I hope I don’t get a bunch of mad internet users that just want to troll me.? I don’t have that much time in the day to constantly monitor posts.? So I hope that the masses will be kind to me.

Today was just another day of looking for website jobs and some minor updates on a couple of sites.

I am working on 3 stores for a person that sells health supplements.? I want to get those stores up and running soon so he has income to pay me for my work.? He has been using eBay but is not fully happy with the results.? Hopefully a stand alone store may be the better route for him.? He also produces monthly Health newsletters that are e-mailed out via a opt-in/opt-out service.? We will have the newsletters have links to the stores when they are running.

May the economy improve and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts


My name is Ricky and I am in a desperate situation. I am in my 50’s and a computer programmer.
I have been doing websites and other computer work to help with keeping a roof over my head. At my age it is increasingly harder to find a full-time job.? I am told that I am too old even though I have been in the computer field before the internet existed.

I worked at power supply company for 18 years to get laid off when they merged in 1999 with another power company and did not need my abilities anymore.? So I started my own little computer repair and website company to attempt to keep money coming in.? That did work for a while in the beginning until the stock market crash and all the other stuff that has happened.

I lost my home to foreclosure 5 years ago and have been being helped by different family members and friends to keep a roof over my head and keep my couple of pets with me.

The friend that has let me stay with them is about to lose the building that I have been staying at as a caretaker.

I am going through all of the stuff that I have been able to keep since losing my house, but now I must sell what I can to hopefully accumulate enough money to move again and keep my pets.? If I can’t find a new place that will accept my pets, they will have to be put down.? They are too old for any shelters, I have called many, they are all full and struggling as bad as I think most of us are.? Puppies and kittens they might take.? Older cats, no, they all have way too many now.

Because I have been only able to find odd jobs and some website work, I have not built up enough of a month income to survive.? I am not giving up, and I do not want to as for government money.? I just need to save up enough to be able to move.

For me and my pets we are down to the wire.? We have till July 31 to vacate the building.

I am not the begging type actually just the opposite.? That is probable why I am in this situation.?My website work is slowly increasing, but a lot of the time those are one time updates and such not recurring monthly events.? So predicting my minimum monthly income is very difficult.

But I have survived till this point.

If you can spare a dollar or more you can use PayPal to send me the dollar at: plzhelp@rawz.com

I will post updates to let anyone who might care how I am doing.? I hope to pull through with my pets (family as I call them.)

I hope we ALL can get through this nightmare that we are living.

Remember the movie ‘Pass It Forward‘ this is truly the times when this could help a lot of people.