Craigslist Does Work Sometimes

Well I have listed some of the stuff I want to get rid of on Craigslist.? So far some of it has sold, got some calls on other things that are listed.

I have had good luck with Craigslist so far.? There have been some bogus emails and some call, talk, want but don’t show up to get the item.

Other the haggling can drag you down.? I know that for a great number of people we are are in the same boat, time for a lot of us baby-boomers are very hard.

Doing all I can to keep the roof over me and my pets heads is getting increasingly difficult.

I am starting to get the feeling that I will lose the current place that I am staying at in the next few weeks.? The owner has not been able to get enough money to pay the back taxes and the building will be soon sold on a Sheriff sale.

Not sure how long after that I will have to get out of the building.? We are scrambling trying the best we can to come up with what we need but there have been more low points than high points so far and time is running out.


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